Freshman Studies

The mission of the Office of Freshmen Studies is to prepare freshmen students for academic success by:

  • Fostering resiliency and courage
  • Encouraging personal responsibility
  • Helping students make connections within the University community
  • Educating students about campus resources
  • Facilitating the development and execution of a plan for academic success
  • Promoting diverse growth opportunities
  • Helping students develop a career plan

The Office of Freshmen Studies works to ensure that incoming first-year experience immense personal and intellectual growth.  Through our various programs, we assist first-year college students in clarifying their academic and career goals.  We strive to help students with adjusting to college and developing a social network.

Office of Freshmen Studies Programs:

              1. First Year Experience Seminar Courses

Purpose: Assist students successfully transfer into the University, develop effective, self-management and academic success strategies.

 To foster increased self-awareness, enhancement of critical thinking skills, and early engagement with University resources.

  • SLS 1101 - First-Year Experience College Transition
  • SLS 1102 - Career Development
  • SLS 1122 - Academic Success Skills

        2. First Year Experience Workshop Series

Purpose:  To develop relevant programing to assist students with a successful transition from high school to college.

 To provide transitional support for first-year students in the Five Pillars of FYE:  Academic Success, Career Development, Student Wellness,Financial Literacy and Social Integration.

         3. First Year Experience Themed Learning Communities

Purpose:  To assist students with developing a strong sense of belonging at the university and within smaller academic groups.

: To provide a non-residential cohort experience and an environment of peer-to-peer support to create opportunities for students to cultivate relationships that provide connections with key stakeholder areas on campus.

       4. Peer Mentor Program

Purpose:  To provide academic and social support to first year students and instructors

  Improve first-year students' adjustments to college and development of social networks by peer support programming

      5. Rattler Parent Engagement Program

Purpose:  To provide first year families with resources, on-going information, as well as guidance as their students navigate their first year of college.

Goal:  Increase service excellence for first year families and students in order to reduce stress and anxiety.