Freshmen Studies

The FAMU First-Year Experience Program mission focuses on providing core academic support services to assist first-year students transition from high school to college.

Freshmen Studies
The mission of the Office of Freshmen Studies is to prepare freshmen students for academic success by:
  • Fostering resiliency and courage
  • Encouraging personal responsibility
  • Helping students make connections within the University community
  • Educating students about campus resources
  • Facilitating the development and execution of a plan for academic success
  • Promoting diverse growth opportunities
  • Helping students develop a career plan

Freshmen Studies Faculty & Staff

Newly Admitted Student Resources

These informational seminars and resources are available for incoming Freshman and first time in College students

Pre-Arrival Seminars

What to Know Before You Get on Campus! These pre-arrival informational seminars and workshops are available for incoming Freshman and first time in College students 

Jump-start Your Learning!

The FYE Summer Academy is an opportunity for first-year students to jump-start their academic experience by earning eight hours of course credit through a track program.

Prepare for ALEKS Testing!

The ALEKS Test is an assesmment that determines which college level math class you will be placed in as an incoming Freshman student.



The FYE Program Overview

The Office of Freshmen Studies works to ensure that incoming first-year experience immense personal and intellectual growth. Through our various programs, we assist first-year college students in clarifying their academic and career goals. We strive to help students adjust to college and develop a social network. In achieving its mission and adhering to the University's mission, the FAMU FYE offers programs and opportunities for academic, social, and personal growth. The FAMU FYE Program comprises five components:


I. First-Year Experience Seminar Courses

Devloped to Assist students successfully transfer into the University, develop effective, self-management and academic success strategies, and to foster increased self-awareness, enhancement of critical thinking skills, and early engagement with University resources.  
Transition Smoothly!

II. First-Year Experience Workshop Series

Made to develop relevant programing to assist students with a successful transition from high school to college., and to provide transitional support for first-year students in the Five Pillars of FYE: Academic Success, Career Development, Student Wellness,Financial Literacy and Social Integration.  
Coming Soon!

III. First-Year Experience Themed Learning Communities

Developed to assist students with developing a strong sense of belonging at the university and within smaller academic groups, and to provide a non-residential cohort experience/ environment of peer-to-peer support to create opportunities for students to cultivate relationships that provide connections with key stakeholder areas on campus.  
Strength In Numbers!

IV. Peer Mentor Program

Developed to provide academic and social support to first year students and instructors, and to improve first-year students' adjustments to college and development of social networks through peer support programming 
A Helping Hand!

V. Rattler Parent Engagement Program

Developed to provide first year families with resources, on-going information, as well as guidance as their students navigate their first year of college. 
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The Access Summer Bridge Program

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  • The Access Summer Bridge (ASB) program is designed for underrepresented students who do not meet regular admission criteria, but who demonstrate potential to succeed in college with guided, intentional, academic, and personal assistance.

    Learn More About Access Summer Bridge!

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